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Long Distance Shipping - Why we don't ship at 121 Consignment Furniture

We regularly receive inquiries from across the U.S.A. asking if we can ship our items to another state. Yes, it is very possible, but no we will not do it, because it can be expensive and most customers are not prepared to pay the crating and shipping costs.

The main issue with shipping fine furniture over long distances is ensuring that the items are adequately protected so that there is absolutely no damage while in transit. Which is no easy feat.

To ship economically, the item must be packaged in such a way to allow it to be shipped via common carrier. Using common carriers means it will typically be transferred from dock, to truck, to central hub, to another truck, to another hub, and then to another truck for delivery.

To make sure the furniture makes it to its destination unscathed, a custom packaging solution must be specially designed for that particular item, from double thick cardboard and thick padding to building a custom wooden crate around a shrink-wrapped piece. As you could imagine, this can get relatively expensive at a quick rate.