Pricing – 121 Consignment Furniture


121 Consignment Furniture is committed to giving buyers the best possible value for quality items, while at the same time ensuring sellers the highest possible selling price.

Our professional pricers have many years of experience of pricing used, private-party consignments. However, since it's impossible to always be 100% sure of exactly what price a particular used item may sell for, we will gradually reduce the selling price by 15% after 30 days and an additional 15% after 60 days for a total of 30% off the original price. Here's how it works:

  • If the item has not sold after the first 30 days, the price of the item is reduced by 15%.
  • If the item has not sold after the first 60 days, the price of the item is reduced by an additional 15%, making it 30% off the original price.
  • Each tag shows the starting price and the dates that the markdowns will occur.

Price Discounting Special Rules:On the day of an item’s markdown, it will be sold on a first come, first served basis. In the event that more than one person is waiting for a markdown item when the store opens, the item will be sold to the first person who tells a 121 Consignment Furniture Employee that they wish to purchase the item. Phone orders for markdown items will be not be accepted until 1/2 hour after opening. This policy is in the interest of fairness, as priority will be given to those who make the effort to come in to the store. If there is for some reason an item sold over the Phone before this time period is up we will refund the transaction in accordance with this policy.

Benefit to consignor: Price discounting ensures that your items will sell at the highest "true market price". Consumers are smart, they know what an item is worth, and when it's at the right price, it will sell!

Benefit to consumer: Price reductions every day throughout the store. Continually changing inventory of quality home furnishings and decor at unbelievable prices!

Items are priced to sell within 30 days, and many items sell during the first week.

It may be gone if you wait too long!