What We Accept - Sell Your quality used furniture with 121 Consignment – 121 Consignment Furniture

What We Accept - Sell Your quality used furniture with 121 Consignment Furniture

These are our general guidelines for accepting furniture and decor on consignment. If the items you wish to consign are not covered by these guidelines, please contact a manager to discuss the acceptability of your specific item. Please understand that we must be very particular concerning the condition of the items that we can accept.
121 Consignment Furniture accepts furnishings that are in "like new" condition and are typically less than 20 years old. The items must be of quality construction, have minimal wear and tear and are of a style that is in high demand and align with consumer tastes.
We will occasionally make exceptions for age requirements and unique pieces if the item is in "like new" condition, all other requirements are met and if we believe there is a demand for the item and/or particular design style. (e.g. Mid century modern.)
*Any item worthy of consideration MUST BE from a smoke-free residence and free of visible pet dander.
Case Goods (Tables, Bookcases, Bedroom & Dining Furniture, etc.)
  • 20 years or newer (exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.)
  • Solid wood construction is preferred, although veneered or engineered wood items may be considered on a case-by-case basis. "Knock-down" or self assembled items WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Laquered, painted and finished surfaces must be consistent in appearance across the entire piece (especially the most visible areas such as the top and the front). All surfaces must be well maintained with no watermarks, discoloration, little to no scratches or noticeable flaws (a noticeable flaw can be seen from a short distance or illuminated under lighting.)
  • Legs and frames must stand level and be sturdy with no wobble or straining.
  • If an item has any glass or mirrored components they must be free of scratches, cracks, chips or discoloration/spotting.
  • There must not be any broken and/or missing hardware or finishings. All doors and drawers must operate smoothly and close flush.
  • Antique furnishings that have been flawlessly maintained or restored (in like-new condition) will be considered. We will also consider antique reproductions that are 10 years or newer and in excellent condition.
Upholstered Furniture (Sofas, Chairs, Recliners, Ottomans, etc.)
  • 7 years or newer. (exceptions made on a case-by-case basis)
  • Cushions and pillows should not be out of shape or have any sagging/loose material. When seated, the cushions (and springs if applicable) should feel firm and supportive. (Items that are older than 5 years may be subject to higher scrutiny under this requirement. "Sinkers" WILL NOT be accepted.)
  • All upholstery must be perfectly clean, have no signs of visible wear and be odor free. Items with: stains, rips, tears, holes, fading, or pet hair WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Any non-upholstered components (wood/metal trim or frame) must have a smooth finish and be consistent in color.
  • Legs and frames must stand level and be sturdy with no wobble or straining.
  • Items with mechanical movements (such as: recliners, hide-a-beds, futons, etc.) must operate smoothly and with considerable ease.
  • Vintage and antique upholstered items may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Artwork and Mirrors (Excellent in condition with a resale value of $50 or greater)
  • No more than 10 years old and without any fading pigments or degradation of coloring.
  • No "amateur artist" paintings.
  • All artwork and matting (if applicable) must be free of any moisture damage (waviness, warping and/or staining). If artwork is on canvas it must also be free of moisture damage along with having no tears, punctures, stretching or loss of tautness.
  • Frames made from wood are preferred while frames of another material may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Regradless of their material, all frames worthy of consideration must be free of visible damage and be of durable and lasting construction.
  • All pieces meant to hang must be equipped with a sturdy functioning hanging apparatus.
  • Glass must be free of scratches, cracks and chips.
  • All artwork and mirrors must have a secure backing with a quality appearance.
  • Poster and photographic art may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Smaller artwork (and mirrors) may be considered on a case-by-case basis as long as they comply with all other requirements and can be valued at $20 or greater.
  • A maximum of 10 pieces of artwork can be consigned at one time.
Other Decor (Flawless in condition, popular & current styles and can be valued at $20 or greater.)
  • Items eligible for consideration may include: art sculptures/statues, baskets, containers, candlesticks, vases, pottery, trays, faux plants, table runners, picture stands, plant stands, clocks, (crystal) chandeliers, lamps, rugs, high demand/fine collectibles and other QUALITY items for the home.
  • Seasonal & holiday decorative items will only be accepted during relevant dates/times of the year:

-Valentines: January 1st through February 13th

-Saint Patricks Day: February 15th through March 16th

-Easter: March 1st through Easter Sunday

-Mothers Day: April 1st through Mothers day (Sunday)

-Fathers Day: May 15th through Fathers Day (Sunday)

-Independence day: June 1st through July 4th

-Halloween: September 15th through October 31st

-Thanksgiving: October 1st through Thanksgiving Thursday

-Christmas: November 1st through December 24th

-New Years: December 1st through December 31st

Spring: March 1st through May 15th.

Summer: May 15th through August 15th.

Autumn: September 1st through November 15th.

Winter: November 15th through February 1st.


  • Glass top dining tables (excluding dinette and patio tables.)
  • Lamps without shades (or lamps with shades that have yellowed/discolored.)
  • Desks made from particle/fiber board OR "L" shaped (with or without a hutch.)
  • Drapes, curtains, blankets, bedding or mattresses.
  • Electronics, including record players.
  • Black laquer furnishings
  • Lighting with non-working sockets/bulbs or wiring.
  • Carriage lights or any other general (mounted) lighting fixtures
  • Dish and glassware (singular or sets)
  • Trinkets, "knick-knacks" or kitchy items
  • Pier (wall) beds, waterbeds, toddler beds or cribs.
  • Anything in need of repair or refinishing
  • Entertainment Centers/Units: The current market does not facilitate the acceptance of any enclosed TV entertainment units due to little to no consumer demand. We will however, accept modern TV consoles/credenzas intended for flat screen TVs (low profile pieces ranging in width that are not enclosed).